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About LetoDMS

LetoDMS is an open-source document-management-system based on PHP and MySQL published under the GPL.

But what is a document-management-system (DMS)?
First a DMS allows you to store any kind of binary data - just like a usual file-system. But there are - of course - some features that extend the normal capabilities of a file-system:

  • Document-Metadata: Meta-data can be attached to a document (such as owner, status, create date, etc.)
  • Version-Control: Old versions of documents are saved and can be retrieved as needed
  • Security-Mechanism: Not every user should have access to every document - a DMS offers restriction-mechanisms
  • Easy Access: Users can find files through tables of contents, indexes, and full-text searches and sort the results by certain criteria

In detail LetoDMS offers you these features:

  • Upload files through web-interface
  • Create folders to group your documents
  • Edit document and folder properties online
  • Detailed information on uploaded documents
  • Lock and unlock documents
  • Update documents - old versions are saved
  • Individual Icons for different Mime-Types
  • Set expiration-date for documents
  • Users are notified about new/updated or expired documents via email
  • Download documents or view them online within your Browser
  • Control access via detailed ACLs (access control lists)
  • User- and Group-Management
  • Powerfule search-engine
  • Multi language support
  • Template-System
  • User can choose language and theme on login
  • Intuitive User-Interface
  • Should work with every Browser
  • Easy to install
  • Auto-conversion to HTML to view even MS Word-Documents online
  • Supports multiple databases through ADOdb

LetoDMS combines all these features with a nice-looking web-interface which makes it possible to access your documents not only via intranet in your office but worldwide via the internet.Since MyDMS is still in developement you can send me suggestions for features your are missing or that may be of general interest.Currently these features are planned:

  • Improve search engine heavily
  • Edit certain files online (e.g. txt, html)
  • Improve tree-navigation (like windows-explorer)

Current Version : 3.0.0

Next Release 3.5 Coming Soon!

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